Joseph Campbell once said...

...that if you’ve found a path in the forest of your life, it’s the wrong one.

Instead, your real path is the one you are forging as you go.

With that in mind, I look at the path that stretches behind me and realize that it has meandered hopefully through thickets, meadows, stands of ancient hemlocks, across small streams, out to sea and back again.

Occasionally I haven’t been able to see the sky, and at other times I’ve gotten lost in its infinity.

Which is all part of the fun.

I am intellectually, creatively, and professionally peripatetic, finding meaning in the metaphors that connect my interests rather than seeking a linear, defined path.

As such, this effort at a digital portfolio offers episodic glimpses at some of the work, play, and places that I’m engaged with.  

There are a variety of efforts here, from writings to art to music, some in the service of academe, some in the service of freelance clients, and some simply because they needed to be exhaled before my seams burst. I invite you to join me on my wanderings and explore some of what I’ve been thinking about.

For one snapshot of what I'm enchanted by, check out this article about an event I hosted: "A Weekend of Living Frivolously."

Or contact me. I'd love to hear from you.
















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