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...imagined worlds in poetry, fiction, and scripts.


Various Bits of Silliness from the Land of Frivolity
Check out the listings on the frivoling page for recent creative work.



Pulped Fiction: Wherein a League of
Pulp Fiction Writers Discover the Truth About Books

A ridiculous homage to the genre of pulp fiction, some of its most famous (and unexpected) authors, and to the very heart of the of the book. Created for a multi-media project with Lynda Sexson and an arts group she was working with. They were a little less flippant than I tend to be and actually decided for that project they preferred this:


A prose poem singing the soul connection between the book and the tree.




The Vexations of Verity or Will Virtue Prevail?
A melodramatic farce with a bounding hero, a bounder of a villian, and a heroine with boundless patience. Premiered at the Centre County Historical Society on July 4, 1988.


A Handful of Poems
A paean to Dante, a celebration of Derek Walcott, along with some luxuriant navel-gazing.




















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