Visual Art and Design for desire, art for hire, art of the garden.

While I have spent a great deal of time designing organizational and community projects, I've also begun to explore the art of design as a visual discipline. I'm having great fun making it up as I go along -- it's been an extraordinary self-directed learning experience.

Digital Collages
After a several month bout caught almost unilaterally in the land of words, I was feeling them lodged in my throat, unwilling to come out. Pictures seemed like a good solution -- this is a collection of digital collages created as journal covers. (Those words had to sneak back in there, somehow!)



Marketing Design
A range of pieces from print to digital to web design for a variety of organizations. This more prosaic work got me started playing with the collages above. Several tastes to sample:

• Science Companion, an elementary science curriculum

• The Imaginal Institute, my imagination hothouse
• Miscellaneous marketing for various clients



Welcome to my Garden
My husband and I recycled a tired old post WW II house in Southern California, re-inventing it as our take on a craftsman bungalow. He can claim most of the credit for the art of building, but the gardens have mostly been my design playground.



The Adventures of the Queen of Frivolity
She just keeps sneaking in! That's royalty for you -- she genuinely believes she has a place on every page of this site. (Or perhaps her point is that all of this is totally frivolous...). In any case, here's her first illustrated adventure...



















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